Lego® City Tuning Workshop Building set 6Y+

by Lego
Type: Toys

For the fans of the Lego City TV series, the kids will love the LEGO City Tuning Workshop toy playset. The playset comes with a repair shop, a tow truck to pick up the vehicles, and a car dealership that sells dodgy cars at lower prices! Wait, there’s more. Get a wide choice of fun characters with awesome vehicles, which include a Tread Octane with the prize hot rod, Harl Hubbs has a rocket-powered motorcycle. Make the builder into an expert with this simple and easy-to-make lego playset that comes with detailed instructions. Let the children reenact real-world scenarios with the amazing characters and a wide range of super cool car toys!

• Let the inner turbo unleash the amazing multi-model Lego City Tuning Workshop playset.
• Operate the engine hoist in the workshop, or lift the cars with the jack.
• Save the broken down vehicles with the help of the tow truck.
• This cool toy set includes a toy garage, camping trailer, and other cool vehicles.
• With a tow truck, hot rod, and rocket-powered motorbike, enjoy the endless pretend play of repairing and rescuing the vehicles.
• With the 7 mini-figures, this 897-pieces playset is ideal for kids of 5 years and above.
• Let the fun begin with the cool vehicles, super cool elements, and fun characters for imaginative play.

Brand Information
The LEGO Group founded in 1958, has been consistently providing attractively engaging toy sets for kids around the world. Each brick and block of every toy set is met by the highest quality and safety standards to make sure your kids get the best toys and have the most amazing experiences playing with them. LEGO fun toys meet the company’s own specific set standards as well as the industry criteria. Each brick is easy to attach, and pull apart and is tested to the max to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Let your builder have fun experiences with all the LEGO building kits.