Lego® City Mars Research Shuttle Building set 5Y+

by Lego
Type: Toys

Go and explore the universe with the Lego Space Rocket And Vehicle toy set. Be an astronaut and embark on an amazing trip to outer space with the 2 lego mini-figures. This toy set filled with space adventures includes a research shuttle and a rover toy set. Inspired by NASA, the shuttle set has been created especially for young astronauts. The space shuttle has an opening cockpit and 2 cargo doors that open, with enough space for storage. The drone, rover with spinning rotor, laser, solar panels titled. The set also includes a heli drone with spinning rotors and a scanner. The mas scenery built with a secret symbol will make the journey worthwhile. The easy and clear instructions make the construction superfast and engaging.

• Explore the outer world with lego 2 Minifigures astronauts.
• The accessories included- a helmet with a visor, activity suit with a visor, scanner, and 2 geodes containing blue crystals.
• The NASA-inspired playset has a research shuttle with the cockpit and 2 doors that open, along with the space for storage.
• The heli drone reads the secret message found on Mars with the scanner.
• The Mars rover is 5*7*6cm high, long, and wide.
• Heli Drone is 4*3cm long and wide.
• The storage drone is 3*3cm high and long.
• The mars scenery is over 3cm wide.

Brand Information
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