Lego® City Fire Ladder Truck Building set 4Y+

by Lego
Type: Toys

Bring out your inner hero and hello the firefighters control the lazing fire with the Lego Fire Ladder Truck. Save the citizens of the city and keep them away from harm. The fire ladder truck has an extending ladder that turns 360 degrees. The pull-out fire hose has a special stud shooter to put out the flames. Join the two mini-figures- a female firefighter and a male firefighter, to extinguish the deadly flames and protect the city as well the citizens of it. Let your child have a remarkable journey with the Lego fire ladder truck set of 213 pieces, ideal for boys and girls of 5 to 12 years.

• The two mini-figures include a female firefighter and a male firefighter.
• Become the hero of the Lego city with the fire ladder set.
• The extendable ladder spins 360 degrees, giving the full view of the situation.
• The pull-out fire hose and the stud shooter kill the flames easily.
• As the lego sets are compatible with all the other sets, expand your construction with the different lego sets and create thrilling scenarios.
• The 213 piece toy set is ideal for kids of 5-12 years of age.

Brand Information
The LEGO Group founded in 1958, has been consistently providing attractively engaging toy sets for kids around the world. Each brick and block of every toy set is met by the highest quality and safety standards to make sure your kids get the best toys and have the most amazing experiences playing with them. LEGO fun toys meet the company’s own specific set standards as well as the industry criteria. Each brick is easy to attach, and pull apart and is tested to the max to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Let your builder have fun experiences with all the LEGO building kits.