Lansinoh Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Teat 240ml


A better bottle for babies that are breastfed. Clinically proven to eliminate nipple confusion is the Lansinoh Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple. Enabling baby to continue sucking in the same natural way he did at the breast, allowing for a smooth transition from breast to bottle and return.

*It has been clinically proved to help with nipple confusion.
*Allows the baby to use the same feeding techniques he or she acquired at the breast.
*The Air Ventilation System (AVS) lowers gas intake, which might lead to colic or spit up.
*There are fewer pieces, making it easier to assemble and clean.
*NaturalWave Nipple is made entirely of silicone, is soft and flexible, and is meant to provide maximum compression.
*Free of BPA and BPS

Customer Reviews

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Heran samuel Abebe
Lansinoh Bottle

Greatest purchase for my baby so far. I was having a hard time transitioning my baby from breast to bottle until lansinoh. My baby took the bottle easily and have been able to bottle feed since then.

Margaret Wanjiru

I love your responsiveness

Esther Wanjiru

My number one Feeding bottle. The teat is very close to real nipple texture and allows me to swap between breast and bottle without confusion. Thanks Peekaboo for accepting delivery on a late Sunday evening to help my baby❤️❤️ I appreciate.


our lansinoh bottle is here and baby has adopted Soo quick. I love love thank you peekaboo.

Great but super fast flow

We love this bottle -easy to use and clean, but it doesn't say on the package how fast the flow is and it's FAST!
Just make sure your little one is ready to learn how to drink quick 😉 otherwise great product