L.O.L. Surprise Tweens Doll- Fresh Age 3Y+

Type: Toys

I‰۪m in Be-Tween, right where I wanna be. Full of surprises & fierce style. Look out world, cuz here I come.
Introducing the LOL Surprise Tweens! Unbox an entirely new size of LOL Surprise dolls IN BETWEEN LOL dolls and OMG fashion dolls. These fierce be-tweens come with 15 surprises and reusable packaging that turns into a bedroom playset! They‰۪re already part of a family, big sisters to existing to LOL Surprise dolls and younger sisters to the OMG dolls.
Meet LOL Surprise Tweens fashion doll Freshest! She‰۪s the cool, laid back B.B. of the crew, and she has cool streetwear style. When she‰۪s not creating music and hanging with her BFFs, she loves watching sci fi shows, skateboarding and playing video games. In addition to her unique, cute style, fashions, and accessories, she also comes with a paper ‰ÛÏjournal‰Û? that tells a little more about her and her personality.
Collect all 4 LOL Surprise Tweens.
NEW SIZE. åÊUnbox an entirely new size of LOL Surprise doll IN BETWEEN LOL dolls and OMG fashion dolls
UNBOX 15 SURPRISES. Including LOL Surprise Tweens fashion doll ‰ÛÒ Freshest
RUNWAY READY. This all new 6" fashion doll, Freshest has stunning features from head to toe
FIERCE FASHIONS. Unbox Freshest's cool streetwear style fashions and accessories to get her ready for the runway
PACKAGE BECOMES PLAYSET. Package is a reusable bedroom playset. Transform the playset by folding out the bed to give your room a makeover
INCLUDES. 1 LOL Surprise Tweens fashion doll, fashions, shoes, accessories, hat box, hairbrush, garment bag, sticker, hanger, doll stand and reusable package playset in a totally unique unboxing experience
Collect all 4 LOL Surprise Tweens; Cherry B.B.; Fancy Gurl; Freshest; and Hoops Cutie
Brand Information
LOL Surprise is part of the MGM Entertainment brand founded in 1979. Their plastic collectible dolls have become a hit with their interesting facial features, wacky hairstyles, accessories and of course their surprise packaging.