L.O.L. Surprise Minis In Pdq Series 1 Age 3Y+

Type: Toys

Give your favorite LOL Surprise dolls their very own fuzzy toys to play with when you unbox 5+ surprises in LOL Surprise Minis! 
Each Mini is a cute, fuzzy animal, perfectly sized to LOL Surprise dolls. Will you find a cute panda, puppy or even a raccoon?
Each Mini comes with a surprise piece to build a tiny House that Minis can hang out in. They also include an accessory for the tiny House. LOL Surprise Minis come in a tiny LOL Surprise ball and floor piece to transform the ball into a playset or display.
Collect all 18 minis and tiny house pieces to build a tiny House!
UNBOX 5+ SURPRISES! Unbox a cute, fuzzy animal mini toy that's the perfect size for LOL Surprise dolls
SO FUZZY. Each LOL Surprise Minis is a cute, fuzzy animal that looks like a little stuffed animal
COLLECT TO BUILD TINY HOUSE! Each Mini includes a surprise piece of the tiny House that the Minis can hang out in. Also includes a cute tiny accessory for the house
TINY LOL SURPRISE BALL. Unbox the tiny LOL Surprise ball. Also includes a cute floor insert to transform the ball into a playset or use to display your Minis
COLLECT THEM ALL! Collect all 18 Minis characters and House pieces to build a tiny LOL Surprise House!
Please note: Item selection is random and are in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific items. You may receive duplicates!
Brand Information
LOL Surprise is part of the MGM Entertainment brand founded in 1979. Their plastic collectible dolls have become a hit with their interesting facial features, wacky hairstyles, accessories and of course their surprise packaging.