Kinderkraft Tricycle Easytwist Platinum Grey Age 9M-5Y

Type: Travel
A walk is a great opportunity for a child to discover the world around them. To support your toddler's development, instead of a traditional stroller, why not choose the Kinderkraft lightweight EASYTWIST tricycle made of magnesium alloy? It'll not only allow your child to develop their senses and motor skills from the age of just nine months, but it'll also target motor coordination and teach them how to behave safely outside the home.

Safe walks
EASYTWIST has been designed so that a child can easily use it from nine months onwards. The five-point safety harness with pads can be adjusted to three different levels, and you can use the lap belt as well as the shoulder straps separately. The seat easily swivels 360 degrees. Just press a button and your toddler will be facing you. And when the child is facing the direction of travel, the hood window allows you to keep a close eye on them. In addition, there's a bar around the seat and a high back rest, which can be removed if necessary, and the front wheel has a special cover to protect the child's legs from coming into contact with the spokes.

Discover the world TOGETHER
The world through the eyes of a parent
Easy driving - manoeuvring a tricycle in crowded spaces or on uneven park paths will be extremely easy thanks to the lightness and durability of the magnesium alloy the tricycle frame is made of. Additionally, the rear wheels are equipped with bearings, and the brake next to them will allow you to stop wherever you need.
Perfect at every stage of development - a tricycle should keep up with your child's development, and EASYTWIST is the perfect solution. The modular design allows you to adjust the tricycle to your child's skill level, which means that they won't get bored of it for a long time!
For Mum and Dad - whether you're tall or short, you want to be in full control of the situation during daily walks with your child. That's why EASYTWIST has an adjustable telescopic handle with a button-based mechanism, which allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the tricycle to the parent's height.

The world through the eyes of a child
Comfort in every situation - the seat not only swivels, but also has a high backrest with the option of tilting to a reclining position, which is great for naps. The bar has an eco-leather cover that's pleasant to the touch, and the footrest is great for when your child wants to take a break from pedalling.
Learning through play from the age of nine months - children want to be independent and gain new skills. This tricycle gives them an opportunity to do so, because it has a "free wheel" function, allowing children to learn to pedal safely without setting the bike in motion.
Prepared for any weather - the hood is waterproof and made of UPF 50+ material, making it ideal for both rain and summer heat. You can also adjust its angle and fold or unfold it, depending on your preferences and the weather. With this kind of protection, your child will love going on walks regardless of the weather!

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Ultralight EASYTWIST three-wheeled bike with a modern and advanced design, made of durable, yet lightweight Magnesium Frame with a unique shape, one-piece cast (thanks to Magnesium material) Large, PU rubber wheels - a combination of the advantages of foam and pumped wheels in one Brake at the rear wheels Swivel seat 360 degrees with one hand - by pressing only one button you can change the position from forward facing to rearward facing Adjusting the angle of the backrest - 2 positions - sitting and reclining (for sleeping / napping), both forward facing and rearward facing Telescopic parent handle with 4 levels of adjustment Technology that allows parent riding a bicycle Large, foldable hood / canopy with adjustable angle of inclination and complete disassembly, protecting against sun, rain and wind "Free wheel" function - the child can pedal regardless of the parent's riding direction Adaptable to an older child by removing the straps, visor, parent's handle, safety barriers and footrest 5-point seat belts, hip and shoulder belts can be used separately The height of the belts can be adjusted on three levels Removable barrier covered with PU leather, easy to clean and with the possibility of complete disassembly Foldable footrest for younger children who do not reach pedals or for older children, allowing a tired child to take rest High performance compared to other models of tricycles The seat and back cover is easy to remove - it is washable A window in the canopy for parent viewing Material with UPF50 + protection and waterproof Brand Information Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the Mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.