Kinderkraft Travel Cot With Playpen Function Sofi Gray Age 0-2Y

Type: Nursery
Kinderkraft SOFI 4-in-1. Baby cot | Travel cot | Playpen | Rocking cradle
SOFI is a 4-in-1 baby cot created in response to the needs of active parents who value the multifunctionality and practicality in products. It is great for babies from their birth to 3 years of age. Because the mattress can be placed at two levels, it can serve as a classic baby cot, rocking cradle, playpen or travel cot. It takes only 5 seconds to fold or unfold the product, and no tools are needed to do so, or to install or remove any of its elements. It was awarded the Kids'Time STAR at the Kids'Time 2019 international trade show in Kielce.

Safety first
First - SAFE MATERIALS used to make the SOFI baby cot have been tested and certified non-toxic by the renowned Intertek laboratory.
Second - FRAME made from light-weight aluminium that is carefully covered with fabric that protects the baby against all impacts.
Third - INSULATION of the cot's bottom provided by TPE pads helps protect the baby from the cold, and the floor from scratching.
Fourth - CHILD-PARENT CONTACT can be maintained because three walls of the cot are made of mesh.

Comfort and convenience wherever you are
4-in-1 - four functions in one product: classic home baby cot, travel cot, playpen and rocking cradle. Perfect for everyday use as well as for travelling. And you do not have to worry that your baby will soon be too big; your child can keep sleeping in its favourite bed - all you have to do is simply change the mattress position.

Innovative quick folding and unfolding system - it takes just 5 seconds for the baby cot to be ready for use. And it requires neither any tools nor any disassembling. The cot's dimensions after folding up are only 97 x 63 x 14 cm. Thus, you save not only time, but also space - at home, in the car boot, in a rented cabin in the mountains or wherever you spend time with your child.

Use of space - the lower space of SOFI was designed to be as useful as possible regardless of the position of the mattress. When you child is still a tiny baby, this area serves as a good storage space for the most-needed accessories; later, it becomes a convenient way for the child to enter the playpen due to the detachable section.

Rocking function - you are only two steps away from turning the SOFI baby cot into a cradle. Thanks to its specially designed frame you can switch to the rocking function, thus helping your baby fall asleep.

Comfortable mattress - the foam mattress measuring 91 x 52 cm will ensure your child's comfort regardless of whether she sleeps or plays on it. Changing the mattress's position is easy: just release the buckle, unzip the zipper and lower the mattress to the bottom of the bed. And when the cotton cover gets dirty, you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

And that is not all!
Interesting design - due to the cot's wood-like aluminium frame, it goes well with modern interior decor.
Travel bag - the bag included with the set makes it easier to carry the cot, enabling you to throw its strap over your arm and take it anywhere you wish. 4-in-1 cot: classic baby cot, rocking cradle, playpen and travel cot A unique design that ideally fits with current trends The cot will be perfect from the first days of the child's life and as a playpen The cot has a rocking function Two mattress heights - the upper part is suspended for younger children until they start to sit, and the second lower for older children The bag adapted to the product allows free transport of the bed after folding Folding tailored to the needs of the parent - fast and not requiring any tools Unlike traditional beds, the tourist model does not have hard elements that a child can strike while sleeping The cot has a special material that provides good ventilation and allows the child to watch the world High quality foam mattress with increased flexibility and durability Quick folding and folding system The cot has a light aluminium frame imitating wood. Thanks to the aluminium construction, it retains its lightness. Innovative quick folding and unfolding system - takes just 5 seconds The absence of toxic substances in the materials used to manufacture the cot is certified by the renowned Intertek laboratory Two-level mattress placement Space for storing the most needed accessories in the baby cot configuration Rocking function Three walls of the cot are made of mesh Pads that insulate the bottom of the cot Original design Easy to carry Comfortable foam mattress that is easy to clean Brand Information Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the Mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.