Kinderkraft Reclined Cradle Smartfun Age Suitable From Birth To 9Kg

Type: Travel
A child gets to know the world through its senses, so stimuli such as sounds and textures are important for its development. We have created the Kinderkraft SMARTFUN baby bouncer to make discovering the surroundings more pleasant for your baby. The product features a music-playing mechanism with eight ear-pleasing tunes, which will bring your child into the world of music. The detachable toy arch can be attached anywhere on the bouncer frame, so that, no matter whether your baby is a few days or a few months old, you can put the stimulating elements in its sight. It will encourage him or her to play and develop. A small mirror secured with fabric reflects light, and with the illustrations in the soft rustling booklet you can create countless stories. In addition, the bouncer elements match the SMARTPLAY mat. They can be reattached between the products in any way you like, so your baby will never be bored. The SMARTFUN also features three levels of vibration, which will calm your baby down when needed.

3 levels of vibration - rocking is natural for your baby, so no wonder this feature will make it feel safe and calm.
Detachable sensory toys - the mirror covered with fabric, and the rustling booklet with a story to tell, featuring graphic motifs from the bouncer, will certainly interest your baby, and influence the development of its senses.
8 tunes to choose from! The easy-on-the-ear music will calm, entertain, or lull your baby to sleep.
Variety - the bouncer fits the SMARTYPLAY mat pattern, and the element attached to it can easily be reattached between the products, creating new and developing compositions for your baby every day. Thanks to these, your baby will not be bored, but will become willing to reach for new toys.
Contrasting patterns - the black and white elements on the SMARTFUN bouncer stimulate the eyesight of the youngest children, stimulating them to develop and play.

3-point belt - the bouncer provides a safe and stable position at play, even for the youngest baby.
Soft sides and wide crotch strap - the soft filling protects the child from direct contact with the metal structure, and the crotch strap ensures exceptional comfort when lying down, without the risk of abrasion.
Rubber stands - the construction of the product is equipped with stands which prevent the bouncer from sliding on the surface, and protects the floor against scratches.
Fabric - the fabric used is easy to clean and dry.
Easy assembly and disassembly of the arch - toys can be mounted at any height, so that no matter whether your child is a few days or a few months old, its favourite accessories will be at its fingertips.
Convenient to transport - the low weight (2.17 kg) and product size, as well as the ability to be quickly folded, make it easy to take the bouncer even on the longest journey.

Note: Video is for Demonstrational purposes only

Baby toy bar with 2 toys: mirror, colourful soft booklet with rustling pages, each page with an image from the rocker Easy and fast attaching/detaching of the baby toy bar Vibrations (3 levels) to calm the baby 8 tunes 3-point safety belts Rubber pads (to ensure stability) Wide crotch belt, ensuring safe position of the child For kids under 9 month or till the moment when a child is able to seat by him/herself Easily and conveniently folded. Easy to carry and smart for traveling. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European safety standard EN 12790. Material: 100% Polyester Brand Information Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the Mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.