Kinderkraft Play Mat Matti Age 0Y+

Type: Toys

If you're looking for a safe and comfortable place for your little one to play the day away, or even a comfortable surface to enjoy a nice picnic outdoors with your child then the Kinderkraft TPU Playmat is exactly what you need. This soft, PVC free, non-toxic foam mat features bright, vibrant and eye-catching colours on one side and a simple grey pattern on the other - so no matter the location, this mat will blend in well with the decor. At 1.2cm thick, the mat provides excellent insulation from cold floors - perfect for use even during the winter! The side with the geometric pattern also has a non-slip coating, limiting the movement of the mat on the floor, making it ideal for learning first steps. We all know that little ones can be messy so in the event of mucky fingerprints, juice spillages or paint marks - the mat can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
TPU mat with "rug" for babies main role - designed for lying, crawling, crawling, taking the first steps and playing
Child can use it from the first days
Helps your child play comfortably, while giving parents a sense of security perfectly isolating the child from the floor
TPU mat has two sides, thanks to it adapts to all flats
On the one hand, the print is full of contrasting elements that focus the child's attention, developing a sense of pattern, imagination and ability to concentrate
The print on the other side is an elegant grey pattern that will perfectly match not only the children's room but also the living room
Easy to clean, waterproof, odourless, made of materials that are safe for children
Brand Information
Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the Mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.

Product dimensions:åÊ150 x 180 x 1.2 cm