Kinderkraft Luno Shapes Puzzle Foam Playmat Mint Age- 6 Months & Above

Type: Toys

Foam mat 3D puzzle LUNO SHAPES Kinderkraft
LUNO SHAPES is perfect for your child. The foam mat consists of 30 puzzle pieces (15 have shapes cut out in the middle) that can be combined with each other in any way. The maximum area is 185 x 165 cm, thanks to which LUNO SHAPES will provide the child with a suitable surface to play. The outer puzzle pieces can be lifted up and joined together to create high sides around the mat.
LUNO SHAPES is made for children of all ages, because it is made of non-toxic materials, safe for children. It is thick and soft, thanks to which it insulates well from the cold floor, providing the child with proper comfort. In turn, thanks to the non-slip, rough surface, it will support an older child in learning to crawl and take its first steps. The LUNO SHAPES puzzle can be arranged in many ways - including creating fantastic 3D shapes.
Thick foam mat
LUNO SHAPES has the largest thickness available (1.2 cm). It provides good insulation from the floor - regardless of whether it is cold tiles or panels. In addition, the rough surface of the puzzle perfectly protects the baby and supports learning to crawl and take the first steps. It also protects children's knees while learning to get up.

Large play area
The maximum dimensions of the mat are 185 x 165 cm. Thanks to the possibility of arranging all or part of the elements, LUNO SHAPES will adapt to the size of your apartment and the needs of your child, giving him a sufficiently large surface to lie down and play.

30 puzzles
The LUNO SHAPES foam mat contains a total of 30 puzzles. 15 of them have shapes cut out in the middle - they affect the child's imagination, and also provide great fun. In later months, they can help your little one learn shapes. Puzzles can be arranged in any patterns and create 3D shapes.

Easy transportation
The mat after folding takes up little space. Thanks to the possibility of detaching the puzzles and putting them in the bag, LUNO SHAPES will go wherever you go. The mat is light and you can easily hide it in a wardrobe or under the bed.

Easy to clean
Thanks to LUNO SHAPES, even the wildest frolics won't make cleaning up for you. The mat is waterproof and provides protection against liquid and food stains by keeping them on the surface. Just wipe off the dirt with a cloth and you can go back to playing.

Additional information:
* Made of soft foam, pleasant to the touch
* It is waterproof and easy to clean
* The outer puzzle pieces have rounded edges
* Materials: EVA foam
* Dimensions of the mat when unfolded: 165 cm x 185 cm,
* Middle puzzle dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 cm, thickness 1.2 cm
* Mat weight: 2 kg

The product meets the requirements of safety standards: EN 71-1, EN 71-2 and EN 71-3

Brand Information: Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.

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