Kinderkraft - Jazz Tricycle - Grey Age-9 Months & Above

Type: Travel

JAZZ is a 4-in-1 tricycle. Thanks to the solutions used, it combines four products, which means you can easily adapt it to your child's age and motor skills. It can be folded to a compact size without having to disassemble anything - you can easily fit it in the boot or in the closet at home. JAZZ is suitable for children from nine months! Riding it isn't only a pleasure, but also serves as practical balance and motor skills practice.

The three-point safety harness with soft protectors helps younger children sit firmly in the seat.
Handlebar lock - thanks to this function, the child can turn the handlebar freely, but the parent still controls the direction of travel.
The parent handlebar with an adjustable handle allows you to control the direction of travel.
Openable bar prevents younger children from sliding out. It can be removed when the child gets older.
The free wheel function enables your child to pedal without speeding up the trike.
The solid brakes on the rear wheels help your child stop quickly (e.g. at a pedestrian crossing).
The lightweight and durable frame improves the stability of the trike.
The product is tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 71-1.

Compact - you can fold the JAZZ trike without disassembling individual components. When folded, it stands by itself, which makes it easy to store. The trike can be held by the handle and pulled like a suitcase (e.g. when you have to enter a store).
The foldable footrest allows little feet to rest. The footrest can be removed (recommended for older children).
There is also a soft, removable cover that you can easily wash if it gets dirty.
The large foldable hood can have the angle of incline adjusted to make it easier for your child to ride - it protects them from both the blinding sun and cold wind.
The handlebars feature soft foam so that your child doesn't get blisters.
The durable wheels provide adequate cushioning. They're made of puncture-resistant EVA foam and have increased abrasion resistance.

The trike has four functions - you can adjust it to your child's age, height and skills! By disassembling individual components, such as the bar, parent handle and harness, you can tailor the bike to age, height and skills, right up until the child can ride by themselves.
Take the JAZZ bike everywhere - a walk in the park, on a longer trip or on holidays. It folds into a compact size, which makes transport super easy.
Riding the JAZZ trike stimulates curiosity about the world, supports motor development and coordination of movements, and introduces the child to physical activity in a safe way.
The practical accessories will make your walk even more pleasant - the set includes a bag for small items and a loud bell.

JAZZ - a foldable, compact tricycle
Additional function - the tricycle may be easily folded to very compact size without removing all elements
Self-standing function - after folding the tricycle may stand in vertical position
Large, foam wheels
High-quality foam seat
Guiding rod that enables parent to steer (turn) the bike
Parent bag/backpack
Large foldable and detachable sun/rain-protection hood with adjustable angle of inclination
High, air-permeable backrest
Shoulder safety belts with a crotch strap
Detachable handrail that may be completely dismantled
Lockable pedals in the front wheel,
Adjustable parent handle height,
Folded footrest.
Robust - high quality frame
Detachable seat cover
Product Dimensions:47 x 54 x 42 cm

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