Kinderkraft 3-in-1 Tippy Educational Playmat Multicolor Age- Newborn & Above

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Kinderkraft TIPPY 3-in-1 educational mat

The TIPPY 3-in-1 educational mat is a unique mat with a beautiful design, and it can be used in three ways: as a mat with a bar for young children (from birth to 12 months), a mat with a teepee for older children (to five years) and as an independent mat for outdoor use on warm days. It's larger than standard mats, which means it'll last your child for longer. The TIPPY educational mat supports your child's development in the first month of life:
● it encourages them to lift their head, stretch out their arms to reach the toys and to roll over from the tummy to the back.
● it improves hand-eye coordination and stimulates development,
● and provides entertainment while teaching: the mat features continents and animals that live on them, written in English.
The teepee has two windows with fabric covers, which means you can peek inside to see what your child is up to. The bars are made of soft foam, ensuring safety even during the wildest of playtimes. TIPPY is unique – it'll bring much joy to your youngster. The set also includes toys for young children: a plush orca with a teether, plush swallow with ribbons, a rattle with a plush leaf, mirror, and two rustling toys on the mat.
● Mat, teepee: polyester
● Toys: polyester and plastic
● Bars: PE foam

Product Dimensions:
● Mat: 92.5 cm x 140 cm,
● Height with toy bars: 46 cm,
● height with toy bars and teepee: 140 cm,

Product Weight: 1.39 kg

● 3-in-1 mat – TIPPY has three functions: educational mat for young children, a place to play for older children (teepee) and a picnic blanket for children of all ages. You buy one product and get three different options.
● The interesting design and versatile style make it perfect for all children. The parents will also love the look – the mat will suit most interiors.
● The TIPPY educational mat is an ideal present for children of all ages – it'll not only bring them much joy and fun, but also support their motor and sensory development.

● The mat features soft, adjustable bars – the hanging toys can be easily moved and clipped in at whichever height you like, which means your little one can train their memory and sight.
● TIPPY is lightweight and easy to roll up (after removal of the bars). You can easily move it from one room to another, or take it on trips. It takes up very little room when folded.
● TIPPY is very easy to clean. The base can be hand washed, and the remaining toys are easy to clean with a sponge.
● The bars are easy to remove, and the mat can be rolled up – TIPPY is easy to store, even in a small apartment.

● TIPPY has a safe frame – the bars are made of soft foam, so you don't have to worry when your child is having a wild time!
● It's carefully made – the strong stitching and no elements that stick out mean that your child is safe.
● The mat is suitable for children from birth – it meets standards EN 71-1, EN 71-2 and EN 71-3 for toys and educational mats.

Brand Information:
Kinderkraft is a Polish brand that has been making the lives of parents and caretakers easier for 10 years. Their product categories include strollers, car seats, cribs and many more and come with sleek designs. Their brand has won numerous awards such as the mother & Baby award which signifies product excellence.

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