Kinderkraft 3-in-1 Igee Feeding High Chair Wooden Age- 6 Months upto 110kgs

Type: Feeding

IGEE is a new way to spend time together. This feeding chair is suitable for children from 6 months. Together you will enjoy your first meals and handmade paintings. And when your baby grows up and becomes a teenager, you can use the IGEE as a desk chair. The IGEE can carry up to 110 kg – if your baby wants to eat on your lap, you can sit on the chair together.
For life

IGEE can be adjusted to your growing child, thus taking care of the child's spine and correct sitting posture. It is designed according to ergonomic principles – it supports the spine, ensuring proper assistance and correct sitting posture. In turn, 4-stage seat height adjustment allows the chair to perfectly adapt to the height of each table and user.
● Construction: aluminium and steel
● Plastic elements: PP
● Mats: silicone
● Seat pillow: polyester

● Width: 47 cm
● Length: 60 cm
● Height: 82 cm

IGEE: 7.9 kg

Intended use:
● Feeding chair for a baby: from about 6 months to 3 years (15kg)
● Chair: 15-110 kg
Perfect for the whole family

IGEE is a chair for the whole family. It will serve a child from 6 months, a teenager and a parent. It has a load capacity of up to 110 kg. If necessary, you can sit on the chair and take the child on your lap, for example, to feed them.

Support for the spine

Thanks to its profiled backrest, the chair supports correct sitting posture. It supports the correct development of the spine of a growing child.
Many adjustment levels

● Simple height adjustment – the seat and footrest can be easily adjusted to 4 heights, so you can perfectly adjust the IGEE to suit any table and your child's height.
● Adjustable depth – 3-level depth adjustment allows you to adjust the seat to suit your child's changing body as they get older.
● Adjustable footrest – by adjusting the footrest, the chair adapts exactly to your growing child. This ensures correct sitting posture for your child.
Practical accessories included

The chair comes with practical accessories that make it easy to use as a feeding chair.
● Soft pillow – the pillow that comes with the chair is a good support for baby's bottom, making sitting more comfortable.
● Practical tray – the tray has a silicone pad which is non-slip – your plate and cup will always be in place. It can be washed in the dishwasher
● Silicone pad – included in the set does not contain harmful active substances (BPA Free) and you can eat directly from it
● Adjustable harnesses – the chair is fitted with 5-point harnesses with a safety guard to keep every little one in place.

Can be combined with CALMEE bouncer
The CALMEE bouncer is compatible with the chair and can be bought separately. This allows you to use the IGEE from the moment your baby is born. Combine it with the Calmee to create a bouncer. The little one will accompany the whole family around the table, building bonds between family members.

Fantastic design
IGEE was designed in the Netherlands. The universal design and workmanship means that the chair will fit into any space.
Sturdy and stable construction
Aluminium and steel have been used to manufacture this chair. This makes it very stable.

The chair complies with standards EN 12790 for bouncers, EN 14988 for feeding chairs, EN 17191 for chairs up to 14 years, EN 12520 for the adult chair and EN 71-1 for toys (on the bar of the bouncer).

There is a tool included that allows you to freely assemble and later adjust the chair.

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Perfect chair