Johnson's Baby Petroleum Jelly Unscented 250ml Unisex

Type: Bath & Skin

Johnson's Baby Petroleum Jelly Unscented Unisex is specially formulated to protect baby's skin by creating a mild barrier against moisture and preventing diaper rash. With clinically proven delicacy, the Johnsons Baby Petroleum Jelly is enriched with nourishing oils that retain moisture to keep your baby's delicate skin soft and smooth.

Johnson's Baby is an American brand of baby cosmetics and skincare products owned by Johnson & Johnson. The brand dates back to 1893 when Johnson's baby powder was introduced. The product line consists of baby powder, shampoo, body lotion, massage oil, shower gel and baby wipes. The brand has a reputation for making baby products that are "very pure and safe". When it comes to your baby, they know; your discernment is only matched by their exacting and unwavering commitment to providing the best products, formulated from ingredients that exceed the most stringent scientific standards.