Johnson's Baby Bedtime Soap 100g


A good night’s sleep is extremely important for a newborn baby. And hence it becomes essential to develop a sleep routine that will be clinically proven and help your baby sleep better. So, before bedtime, it is time for Johnson’s baby bath with its Johnson’s bedtime soap. A warm bath with Johnson’s baby soap will be perfect for your child and help them get into a proper sleep routine. It does not contain any sulfates and alcohol. It comes with Johnson’s No More Tears formula that is gentle on the baby’s eyes. It has Natural Calm essences that soothe the baby before their bedtime. Moreover, it has been tested by sleep experts as well. It gently cleanses your baby’s delicate skin and keeps it soft, healthy, and fresh. Another added benefit is when the baby sleeps better, you sleep better!

• Clinically proven to help your child sleep better.
• Comes with No Tear Formula that gives your child a tear free experience.
• Comes with Natural Calm essences that help with the proper sleep routine.
• Does not contain sulfates and alcohol.
• Cleanses the baby’s skin gently and keeps it soft, healthy, and fresh.
• Better sleep routine for the baby as well as you.

Brand Information
Johnson’s has been providing gentle, safe, and mild products for babies as well as adults for more than 125 years now. It is their promise to enable a healthy future for all babies, and for that, all the products that Johnson’s creates for the baby are hypo-allergenic, soap-free, dermatology-tested, and paraben-free. Every product that has been created by them ranks highest in purity and quality as they are made with the best ingredients because of their commitment to happy and healthy development.

Customer Reviews

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Wilfred Kimani
Super good

very good for skin and keeps it soft, healthy, and fresh,i love it