Jikel - Total Comfort Body Pillow - Grey Age-Adults

by Jikel

Jikel's total body pillow was designed for an expecting mother to be as comfortable as she can be during resting. This can be used anywhere around in the house. It comes as 3 detachable parts, each focusing on a different body part, the three parts being neck, legs, and stomach. The 3 parts can also be attached together with adhesive tape, so all 3 parts can be used at once.
Ergonomically designed with complete comfort
3 detachable parts which can help during each month of the pregnancy
Fully covers the stomach, legs, or neck for utmost comfort
Machine washable
Anti-sweating fabric
Zipper for which you can remove the filling
Comes with an easy to carry bag.
Product Dimensions- 145 x 55 x 15 cm

Customer Reviews

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Nida Sheikh
Jikel - Total Comfort Body Pillow

Slept on a cloud and woke up with no lower back pain at all.

Comfortable and versatile

Happy with this purchase, I like that it has adaptable pieces plus isn't too large in the bed like other pregnancy pillows. I also bought a wedge to go behind the back to stop from rolling. Nice fabric and easy to remove case for washing