Infantino Lil Nibbles Textured Silicone Teether 0M+

Type: Feeding

Infantino Lil' Nibble Teethers are designed to help your little one develop and grow. Helps babies to use their mouth and tongue muscles in fun ways, with two easy-to-grip handles. This fun-colored pea pod is BPA free and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Mouthing helps babies explore the world from a sensory and oral motor perspective. When babies mouth, they learn about textures, tastes, and temperatures. This can help provide babies with a good foundation to move on from purees to solid foods. Mouthing also helps them to move their tongue and jaw in new and interesting ways. Building muscles related to mouthing also supports sound production & speech development.

• Design: This teether is right-sized for little hands, with built-in handles, and textures to help with developmental growth while satisfying the baby's need to soothe tender gums
• Material benefits: Designed with BPA free silicone to provide a strong, yet soft biting experience
• Development: Mouthing helps babies explore the world using their senses to learn about texture, taste and temperature and build muscles they will use later in life for eating and speaking
• Cleaning: Easy to wipe clean
• Infantino, smartly designed products for happy parenting

Brand Information
Infantino makes toys, carriers and products for the most important customers in the world - moms, dads and babies.

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