Ikea Flyttbar Basket With Lid, Yellow 49 X 35 Cm

Type: Nursery

Toys, balls or dirty laundry. This striped basket swallows up everything and makes it easy for a child to tidy up on their own and hide it all under the yellow lid by using the touch-and-close fastening.
-Colourful, freestanding basket with room for everything from toys and clothes to important personal items
-Easy to open and close, even for small children, since the lid attaches with touch-and-close fastening
-Can be pressed together to save space when not in use
Dimensions: 49 x 35 cm
Brand Information
IKEA is the renowned Swedish home furnishing brand which makes practical, affordable and sleekly designed furnishings. They were established in 1953 and their aim is to create a better life for their customers. The IKEA catalogue is vast and their furniture is easy to use around the home and provides comfort as well as an ergonomic design.