Ikea Bergig Book Display With Storage, White 83 X 43 X 101 Cm

Type: Nursery

This book display has two open shelves and a spacious drawer for books and toys. Everything in a small space and at a height that your child can reach on their own ‰ÛÒ making both play and cleaning easier.
-In this low book display with storage, your child can place and reach their books and toys on their own.
-Many children love to read, and it‰۪s easier for them to quickly find and grab their favourite when the front pages of the books are visible.
Dimensions: 83 x 43 x 101 cm
Brand Information
IKEA is the renowned Swedish home furnishing brand which makes practical, affordable and sleekly designed furnishings. They were established in 1953 and their aim is to create a better life for their customers. The IKEA catalogue is vast and their furniture is easy to use around the home and provides comfort as well as an ergonomic design.