HiPP Organic Cheesy Potato and Spinach Bake Puree125g 6m+

Type: Feeding

Give your little one the delicious mix of rice and chicken made with squash, carrots, and fruits. This delicious puree is made with 100% organic ingredients and simmered to provide the best puree in terms of taste and health. The puree is made with the utmost care and contains no artificial flavors or salt. It has no preservatives, gluten and is ideal for vegetarians also. The puree retains the nutrients of chicken, rice, fruits, and veggies, giving your little one all the essential goodness of organic food. Perfect for the baby’s weaning stage, get the healthiest baby food from HIPP’s extensive range of organic baby foods, made with love and affection!

•The puree is made with rice and chicken simmered with fruits, squash, and carrots.
•It has all the essential nutrients of rice and chicken along with the goodness of fruits and veggies.
•Made with 100% organic ingredients.
•Contains no preservatives, no salt, and is gluten-free.
•Does not include any artificial flavors or colors.
•No added GM.
•Perfect organic food for the baby’s weaning.
•The puree is ideal for 7 months+ kids.
•It comes in a 125g pack in the food jar.

Brand Information
HIPP is known for providing organic foods for the little ones with the aim to offer a healthy and better future. From farming sustainably for over 60 years to growing the ingredients organically, HIPP is the ultimate choice of the parents for their baby’s healthy, nutritious, and high-quality feeding experience. HIPP offers a wide range of baby feeding ranges. The most rigorous checks are personally done by Stefan Hipp, the fourth generation of the HIPP family owners. Give your little ones the healthiest and yummiest food with HIPP!