Hauck Face To Me Bedside Multipurpose Crib/Bassinet Grey Age- Newborn to 6 Months (Holds up to 9 kg)

by Hauck

Hauck Face To Me Bedside Cot lets you stay next to your baby all through the night. It can be positioned next to your bed with the side zipped down and makes for night time togetherness even though you are in separate beds. Hauck Face To Me Bedside Cot can be used as a daytime bassinet. It also stores away flatly so is easy to use as a travel cot too. Suitable from birth up to 9kg.

Hauck Face To Me Bedside Cot lets you stay next to your baby all through the night. The clever design of this tilt resistant cot means you can alter it, in 5 different heights, to a height of up to 86 cm. Therefore when it's positioned next to your bed, especially box-spring beds, this clever piece of nursery furniture fits perfectly. You can lower the side of the cot nearest to you so you stay nice and close to your baby all through the night. You zip down the side of the cot - it's that straightforward. In the night you can reach out to comfort your baby. As you're so close, you can hear every sneeze and stir while they are sleeping and they are completely relaxed knowing that you are right there. Even though you're in separate beds, it seems as though you're in the same one. Suitable from birth up to 9kg.

Multi-use as a bassinet, cradle and mobile spare bed
Height adjustable lying area 5x / 37 - 57 cm
Product Dimensions:
• Lowest level - highest level 66 - 86 cm
• Dimensions with lowered side: lowest level - highest level 49 - 70 cm
• Measurements built-up (max.) 94 x 60 x 86 cm
• Measurements folded 94 x 60 x 20 cm
• Measurements lying area 83 x 50 cm
Product Weight: 11.30 kg

Fuss Free Night Time Feeding
Your baby will love the cosiness of this soft mattress and beautifully padded bedside cot. It means your baby will feel secure and comfortable whenever they rest in it. The great thing about the Hauck Face To Me Travel Cot is that both you and your baby have your own space. However, you are always very close to one another. This is so useful for those night time breast feeds: you don't have to get out of bed. You can literally reach out and hold your little one for a feed. Then you can pop them back into their cot once they are ready to doze off again with a full tummy.
The cot is sturdy and difficult to tilt. The mattress is in a horizontal position, it doesn't tilt. This means your baby will not be able to roll out of the cot. Hauck Face to Me also has a belt you can use to attach the bedside cot securely to your bed.
Daytime Bassinet
You can put your little one in the Hauck Face To me Cot during the day and use is as a bassinet. All you need to do is zip up the side opening again and your baby has a cosy and soft place to rest in wherever you are in the house. As there is mesh fabric around the sides, you can always see your baby. Plus the mesh fabric ensures they have good ventilation. Your baby is always cool and also comfortable with the built in, soft plush border adding to the cosiness.
Easy Storage And Portability
When you don't need it, you can fold down the Hauck Face to Me and it stores away flatly because of its versatile folding mechanism. You will therefore find it very easy to take out and about as a travel cot for sleepovers. Your baby will also love the continuity this gives them. Because even when they are sleeping in a different environment - their bed is the same. It folds neatly and stays clean as you move it or store it. A carry bag is not therefore included. An ideal gift idea from a grandparent.

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