Frank Puzzles Shapes And Colours Flash Cards (27 Pcs)

Type: Toys

There is 27 Big Flash Cards that teach about various means of transport by land, air and water. An inspiring range of big flash cards with innovative activities designed for young minds that lay the foundation of effective learning by the ‰ÛÏplay way‰Û? method. It can be used effectively both in the classroom and at home. Includes vocabulary building activities, and activities that help develop sensory skills.
-Manufactured under hygienic conditions
-Colourful for baby eyes
-Develops imagination, coordination, visual learning

Brand Information
Founded in 1989, as an educational toy company, Frank offers learning tools that are relevant from pre-schooling years to different stages of school education. A team of educators, including academicians and teachers, apart from child psychology/behaviour professionals conceptualize a wide range of Frank‰۪s educational products. This includes different types of toys & games aimed at different learning needs at homes and schools.