Fisher-Price Twist & Turn Panda Rattle 3M+

Type: Toys

Push it to grab and handle it in a fun way or open it to shake it more! Where development comes into play Sensory: a variety of bright colors, textures and fun rattling sounds stimulate and stimulate the development senses of the child.Fine motricity: grab, shake, open and close the friendly rattle, and bring it to your mouth to chew fun, help strengthen the right zza and coordination Baby hand-eye.Curiosities: When your little one finds that funny sounds happen when they shake the rattle, they begin to understand cause and effect.Easy to grab and shake for the childExciting action open and closeSoft textures and funny sound sounds excite your child's senses Trask, tremble and open and close the rattle helps the baby develop the baby streak and coordination Action hand-eyeLook for other animal beats Twist & Turn to shake more fun!.