Dr Brown's Wide-Neck Sippy Bottle Start Kit Green Star 270ml 6m+

Type: Feeding

Dr. Brown’s sippy spout baby bottle is ideal for the little ones transitioning from bottle to cup. Made with 100% safe silicone, the baby bottles are safe and easy to use. The anti-colic vent can be removed and replaced with the sippy spout once the baby develops the feeding habits. The soft nipple design protects the baby’s gums and growing teeth. The sipper bottle ensures a consistent and smooth flow of liquid while drinking, the baby can drink comfortably at his own pace. The breast-like design and the wide bottle neck make the feeding process easy and hassle-free. Dr. Brown’s sippy spout baby bottles provide the finest and most comfortable feeding experience to your gentle babies.

• Eliminates the vacuum from the bottle.
• Safe for everyday use.
• Easy to clean.
• Can be washed in the dishwasher(top rack).
• Sippy spout made from silicone.
• Safe for sterilization.
• An easy and consistent flow of milk or formula.
• BPA free.
• Clinically proven for reducing colic.
• Aids in the baby’s digestion.
• Preserves the natural nutrients of the milk or formula.
• Recommended by pediatricians.
• The bottle can be used with or without the vent system.
• The nipple-like design offers a natural feeding experience to the baby.
• Wide-neck bottles.
• Suitable for babies with 6+ months.

Brand Information
Dr. Brown’s safe and reliable baby products have made the brand the favorite among parents around the world. the products offer great functionality and safety to your little ones. Recommended by pediatricians as the #1 feeding bottle in the US. The innovative and safe baby products have made Dr. Brown the favorite brand with parents across the globe. Keep your babies happy and safe with Dr. Brown. We strive to create innovative products that promote the good health of the baby.