Dr Brown's Wide Neck Options+ Pink Gift Set

Type: Feeding

With the new nipple design, Dr. Brown’s wide neck options+ pink gift set is the best choice for your newborn baby girl. We design each nipple to ensure smooth and consistent flow. The breast-like shape contoured for proper latch provides a more natural feeding experience to the baby. the bottle preserves all the nutrients of the milk or formula. The anti-colic vent system prevents milk aeration. Designed to feel like breastfeeding, the options+ offer a consistent flow rate. The wide neck bottle ensures the air enters the bottle, and not the little one’s tummy. Such a consistent feeding experience helps in digestion and provides a peaceful sleep.
clinically proven.

• Recommended by pediatricians.
• Reduces the formation of colic.
• Preserves the nutrients of the milk or formula.
• Helps in the digestion of the baby.
• Offers consistent flow rate enriching the baby’s feeding experience.
• Options+ bottle is wide neck from nipple to base.
• The nipple is designed breast-like shape.
• Reduces feeding problems of gas, spit-up, and burps.
• Made with high-quality materials.
• Made in the USA.
• Recommended by the pediatricians.
• Prevents vacuum pressure.
• No harmful chemicals used. BPA-free.
• Pink gift set designed specifically for the newborn angels.
• Eliminates vacuum.

Brand Information
At Dr. Brown’s, the products are designed to offer great functionality for parents for their babies. Made with innovation, inspired by moms around the world, we continue to develop products that focus on the well-being of your little ones. Recommended by pediatricians as the #1 feeding bottle in the US. The innovative and safe baby products have made Dr. Brown the favorite brand with parents across the globe. Keep your babies happy and safe with Dr. Brown.