Dr Brown's PreVent™ Contoured Glow-In-The-Dark Soother Stage 2 Blue 2 Pack 6-12m

Type: Feeding

The Dr. Brown Prevent Pacifiers are both effective and adorable. It has been designed by a pediatric dentist. Its bulb that is made out of 100% silicone has a patented suction-free air channel that reduces the pressure inside the baby’s mouth. Moreover, to reduce the pressure it also has a thin-bulb stem. It prevents dental issues in the children like posterior crossbites in the future. The pacifier is glow-in-the-dark which makes it easy to locate. It has a soft suction-release bulb that can spread wider in your baby’s mouth as the baby sucks on it for low-pressure comfort. Its thin-stem design is quite useful as it is minimally intrusive in your baby’s mouth. It is a stage 2 pacifier that is suitable for kids from 6-12 months.

• Has a patented suction-free air channel to reduce suction and palatial pressure.
• Prevents your child from getting dental problems like cross-bites.
• It has the same shape as that of Dr. Brown Standard Nipple.
• It has a thin-stem design so that it is minimally intrusive in your child’s mouth.

Brand Information
Dr. Brown’s has taken the inspiration for their products from mothers all around. They continue to innovate and develop products that are highly functional and cater to the needs of all parents. Their products are created in such a way that they are great for the health of the baby. Each and every day Dr. Brown’s strives to deliver baby products that are reliable. Their efforts and commitment to quality have made them favorites with moms and dads everywhere.