Dr Brown's Milestones™ Wide-Neck Transition Sippy Bottle Silicone Handles Pink 6m+

Type: Feeding

If you want to work on your child’s sippy skills and are wondering how to do it, then look no further! Dr. Brown Wide Neck Handle is perfect for your child. All you have to do is slip these neck handles on the bottle that they are used to and that’s it. These neck handles are made of silicone and are flexible. They are soft and durable. This makes them a good fit for everyday use. Apart from it being a quality product, it can also play an important part in the child’s development. It encourages independent drinking in your child. It makes the transformation from bottle to cup easy for them. The color of this handle is pink.

• Made out of silicone.
• Flexible.
• Soft and durable.
• Good for everyday use.
• Encourages independent drinking in the child.
• Makes the transformation from bottle to cup easy.

Brand Information
Dr. Brown’s has taken the inspiration for their products from mothers all around. They continue to innovate and develop products that are highly functional and cater to the needs of all parents. Their products are created in such a way that they are great for the health of the baby. Each and every day Dr. Brown’s strives to deliver baby products that are reliable. Their efforts and commitment to quality have made them favorites with moms and dads everywhere.

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Harriet Otwane
Dr.brown bottles

The bottles are awesome and helpful with colic