Dr Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bag 25 Pack 180ml

Type: Feeding

The breastmilk storage bags by Dr. Brown promote the healthy growth of mother and child through innovative products. The breastmilk storage bags store and protect the breast milk. Designed with extra trim in the cushion, the bag does not break even when dropped. The double zip ensures no air is present in the milk and the super thick material of the bag helps to keep the milk fresh. The specific gusseted-bottom design keeps it upright. The sterilized and storage-ready bag comes with a perforated top that can easily pull apart the zip closure. The bag also has labeling to note down the freshness date.

•Specifically designed to keep the breast milk fresh with super-thick material.
•The double zip seal keeps the air out and keeps the breast milk safe.
•The bags are pre-sterilized and BPA-free.
•The gusseted bottom makes it easy to put the bag upright.
•The bag comes with a perforated top for easy access and usage.
•The bag also has a label for the precise measurement for noting down the freshness date of the milk.
•The bag has a storage capacity of 180ml and comes in a 25- bag pack.

Brand Information
At Dr. Brown’s, the products are designed to offer great functionality for parents for their babies. Made with innovation, inspired by moms around the world, the team continues to develop products that focus on the well-being of your little ones. Recommended by pediatricians as the most reliable baby products brand. The innovative and safe baby products have made Dr. Brown the favorite brand with parents across the globe. Keep your babies happy and safe with Dr. Brown.

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wanjiku thaiya

Durable bags.

Dr Bown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

Highly recommend the product due to the quality.