Dr. Brown Toddler Toothbrush, Crocodile Green 1-4Y


The Dr. Brown Toddler Crocodile Toothbrush is a perfect companion for your toddler for cleaning their mouth every day. It has super soft bristles that are gentle on your baby’s teeth and gums while cleaning. The shape and the material by which the toothbrush is made make it easy for the little ones to also help you hold the toothbrush and give them a good grip. The size of the toothbrush is perfect for their growing mouths. These toothbrushes also help your toddle build independent brushing skills. These bristles are soft and sturdy so they can stand up to your child’s biting. This toothbrush has a suction cup at the bottom that keeps it in the upright position so that the brush does not touch the surface. It is BPA-free and is suitable for kids from 1-4 years.

• Gentle on the baby’s gums and teeth while cleaning.
• Comfortable grip for the little ones to help you hold the toothbrush.
• The size of the toothbrush is perfect for growing mouths.
• The bristles are sturdy enough to stand up against your child’s biting.
• It has a suction-cup base to hold the toothbrush upright.
• BPA-free.
• Suitable for kids aged 1-4 years.

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Minal Mehta

Good soft brush