Dr Brown's Plastic Pacifier Teether/Clip Blue

Type: Feeding

As the babies’ teeth start growing, they put any object in the mouth to ease the pain. Dr. Brown's tooth pacifier and clip make sure your child doesn’t put the dirty pacifier in the mouth. The clip attached to the clothing keeps the baby’s pacifier close to it and safe from germs. It prevents losing the pacifiers too. Simply fit the clip on the child’s clothing and tighten it with a plastic slider. The silicone ring is to be wrapped around the knob portion of the pacifier. It fits perfectly with most pacifiers. The clip can be easily attached with a knob style or handle style pacifier. Ideal for regular use, keep in mind to wash it regularly with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly and air dry and it is ready to be used again!

• The clip keeps the pacifier close to the baby.
• Prevents the pacifier from falling and getting dirty.
• No more lost pacifiers.
• BPA- free.
• Fit for knob style as well as handle style pacifiers.
• Can be easily cleaned with warm and soapy water.
• Once washed, rinse well and air dry it.
• Pink and attractive design- ideal for girls.
• Made with premium materials.
• Safe and durable to use.
• The bright and interesting color and shape will attract the baby.
• No edges, designed for safe use.

Brand Information
Dr. Brown’s safe and reliable baby products have made the brand the favorite among parents around the world. the products offer great functionality and safety to your little ones. Recommended by pediatricians as the #1 feeding bottle in the US. The innovative and safe baby products have made Dr. Brown the favorite brand with parents across the globe. Keep your babies happy and safe with Dr. Brown. We strive to create innovative products that promote the good health of the baby.