Dove Cotton Wool 400g

Type: Diapering

Dove Cotton Wool Roll is tightly spun to offer uniform consistency & lint-free performance. The natural cotton fiber ensures flawless application. Each cotton wool roll from Dove is free of impurities such as leaf residues, dust, or any other foreign particles. Dove Cotton Wool Roll is made with 100% pure cotton and is ultra-soft on baby skin. The evenly spun roll ensures gentle, soft, and absorbent use for a long time. This makes it highly safe to use for everyday baby care and baby hygiene regime.

• Dove Cotton Wool is 100% pure cotton.
• Highly absorbent as it is made from natural fiber cotton.
• Ensures skin hydrating and moisturizing feel after use.
• Ultra-soft on baby skin.
• Sterilized free from bacteria.
• Hospital-grade quality.
• Best used for Skin-Clarifying and Baby Care.

Brand Information
Dove is a popular brand from African Cotton Industries. The brand offers a range of safe-to-use baby hygiene products. At African Cotton, the commitment to care is stitched into the products that they have been making for the past five decades. Their mission to produce and provide products of exceptional quality and value reflects well in their homegrown Dove brand.