Dove Baby Rich Moisture Wipes 50 Sheets

by Dove
Type: Diapering

Babies create a lot of mess, so being able to keep them clean easily is important. But what are the best baby wipes? We think they should shield and soothe baby’s delicate skin as well as clean it. And that’s what these mild and non-irritating Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes do.

They are as gentle as water and suitable for use all over – to clean delicate hands, faces and bottoms.

These Baby Dove baby wipes leave your little one’s delicate skin clean and soft, removing impurities while instantly moisturising.

Because they are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, there’s no need to look for special newborn baby wipes – Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes are suitable for your baby at any age. And with an easy-to-use pack that stays fresh once opened, these baby wipes won’t leave you stranded when you’re on the go.

Dove Baby Rich Moisture Wipes are as gentle as water on your baby’s skin. They include a combination of caring ingredients that have been added effectively to take care of your baby’s skin. The fragrance has been developed specifically to suit the baby’s delicate skin. These wipes instantly moisturize the baby’s skin. Each individual wipe is easy to pull and is perfect for on-the-go cleaning. It is hypoallergenic and does not contain alcohol. Dove’s gentle, safety-tested formula is dermatologist and pediatrician-tested. This formula does not contain dyes, parabens, or phthalates that can be harmful to the baby. This pack contains 50 wipes.

Individual, easy-to-pull-out baby wipes for quick, on-the-go cleansing

• As gentle as water and alcohol-free

• Our gentle and safety-tested formula is dermatologist and paediatrician-tested

• Our caring formulas are created without dyes, parabens or phthalates

• Fragrance developed especially for baby’s delicate skin

• Suitable for newborns and compatible with eczema prone skin
• Contains 50 wipes.
• Each wipe is easy to pull.
• Has a carefully developed fragrance that suit’s the baby’s skin.
• Instantly moisturizes the baby’s skin.
• Perfect for on-the-go cleaning.
• Dermatologist and pediatrician-tested.

Brand Information
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