Crayola Colored Pencil 24 Long Pencils

by Crayola

Ideal for coloring, arts and crafts projects for adults, Crayola crayons are a must-have creative tool for children. This pack of 24 pre-sharpened crayons contains a range of vibrant colors to stimulate children's self-expression and imagination. With thick, smooth leads that don't break easily, the pencils create colorful lines that are perfect for school projects and creating detailed works of art.

Crayola is a world famous producer of colored crayons. The company has product specialisation in art supplies. It is famously known for crayons. The main and major products include crayons, chalks, water color, brushes, coloured pencils, markers, modelling clay. All products of Crayola are branded and are non toxic and safe for the use by children.