Clementoni Mickey And The Roadster 12 Cubes Puzzles 3Y+

Type: Toys

Clementoni Mickey and The Roadste Puzzle Cubes includes 12 puzzles in one box. 12 cubes Multi play puzzle which is strong and colorful. A vibrant and handy case with 12 cubes for to 3 different images. You can play dialing the characters and connect the right elements to every leader. Clementoni cubes are durable and constructed with quality materials to ensure maximum safety in the game. Once you have all the puzzle your kid can start assembling all the six puzzles and make a cube. This puzzle of dimension 10.24 x 1.85 x 8.46 inches designed creatively with good quality child-safe material and an excellent print with bright colours will not just amaze your child but will last in the long run. Meant for children of age 3 years and above, this power-packed floor puzzle will keep your child engaged while improving his/her hand-eye coordination, concentration power and level of patience. Improve your child's visual skills and memory as he/she is enthralled by this puzzle while also improve your child's problem-solving abilities.

•Clementoni Mickey and The Roadste Puzzle Cubes includes 12 puzzles in one box.
•These puzzles use an exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard combined with our fine, linen structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image and give you the best experience possible.
•Captivating images with bright and shiny colours help develop children’s observation, logic and manual skills.
•The quality of materials and the use of an exclusive printing technique makes for beautiful, lively and bright images, in a game that never ends.
•Contents: 12 puzzle pieces, disney characters.
•Rather than playing with mobile games, toys, and video games the whole day, exposure to this particular jigsaw puzzle of dimension10.24 x 1.85 x 8.46 inches will improve the child’s concentration power, ability to solve problems, make them use their logic and learn the art of being patient.
•Premium quality of materials are used causing no harm to the kids.

Brand Information
Clementoni is an Italian brand popular for interactive puzzles & games for kids. It's founder Mario Clementoni has always believed in the power of toys and games in a child's development. The Clementoni range incorporates toys for youngsters matured 0 months to 12 years and more seasoned, beginning with Baby Clementoni, Disney Baby and the Clemmy range from preschool and instructive games, logical investigation boxes to super present day tablets (Clempads) and little PCs. Imaginative art sets and great riddles total the reach upwards. An uncommonly wide item portfolio for all ages that develops with ages.