Clementoni Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Supercolor Puzzle 2x20 Pieces 3Y+

Type: Toys

Puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly like to be around Bob, their owner, and help him do various activities. While he is away, they travel across the neighborhood and complete exciting missions. Now let your kids relieve their favorite cartoon TV series with this 20-pieces puzzle from Clementoni. It has two sets of puzzles each with 20-pieces. Puzzle play is best for cognitive and motor skills but it can also build emotional, social, and language skills. Puzzle play helps in spatial vocabulary, sequencing, problem-solving, task completion, persistence, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination.

•Puppy Dog Pals puzzle game for kids.
•It comes in 2x20 puzzle pieces.
•Captivating images with bright and shiny colors help develop children’s observation, logic, and manual skills.
•The quality of materials and the use of an exclusive printing technique make for beautiful, lively, and bright images, in a game that never ends.
•Contents: two sets of 20 puzzle pieces, Disney characters.
•Premium quality of materials is used causing no harm to the kids

Brand Information
Clementoni's founder Mario Clementoni has always believed in the power of toys and games in a child's development. The role play toys and other products offered by the brand are carefully designed to develop the right curiosity among kids for learning.