Clementoni Baby Friends Soft Playmat (135X90 cm) 0m+

Type: Toys

Exclusively designed soft-padded play mat for babies to take their first steps. Clementoni has designed this new-in-line thoughtful product for newborns to encourage the construction of a real wellness area where child and parent can develop their relationship through play. The soft padded carpet for babies is designed to facilitate their first movements and encourage crawling. The soft colors with many tender illustrations on the mat build curiosity among babies to explore more. The buttonholes of the carpet are perfect for hanging rattles, accessories, and his favorite toys. It is a perfect gifting option for newborns.

•Play mat dimension: 135x90 cm.
•The padded carpet is 100% machine washable on a delicate cycle.
•Contains many tender illustrations designed to help children discover their first movements.
•The mat inserts help the child develop manual skills and are ideal for hanging rattles or accessories.
•The mat can be folded easily and carried anywhere.

Brand Information
Clementoni is an Italian brand popular for interactive puzzles & games for kids. It's founder Mario Clementoni has always believed in the power of toys and games in a child's development. The Clementoni range incorporates toys for youngsters matured 0 months to 12 years and more seasoned, beginning with Baby Clementoni, Disney Baby and the Clemmy range from preschool and instructive games, logical investigation boxes to super present day tablets (Clempads) and little PCs. Imaginative art sets and great riddles total the reach upwards. An uncommonly wide item portfolio for all ages that develops with ages.