Belis Eva Baby Convertible Baby Bed with Drawers 60 x 170cm, Mese

by Belis
Type: Nursery

The Belis baby bed collection has been prepared to meet all your baby's needs. A bed that can be transformed into a teenage bed and a bedside table. Also known as a ‰ÛÏlifetime crib" or a convertible crib, making a swift gain in popularity due to their ability to grow with your child. The most long-term cost effective option, as you‰۪ll only need this one bed for the majority of their childhood.

-Ability to be a rocking bed
-It can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth
-Easy to install, thanks to its demounted feature
-Drawers to provide more space and organize baby stuff
-First class chipboard and Melamine were used in its production