Béaba Ergonomic Silicone Spoons Eucalyptus Pack of 4 Age- 4 Months & Above

by Beaba
Type: Feeding

Béaba 1st Meal Silicone Spoons 4 Months with Colour: Blue, Pink, Grey, Kaki are ergonomic learning spoons for 1st age. Ergonomic 1st age silicone spoon, designed to safely introduce babies to solids for the first time. Thoughtfully crafted to help with baby's first feeding, the longer, ergonomic handle helps adult hands easily feed baby, and is the perfect length to reach into jars. Made of ultra-supple silicone that's kind to baby's gums and teeth, the spoons are completely seamless & hygienic. Not to mention, the spoon is shaped to scoop up the perfect amount of food. When baby is teething, toss these spoons in the freezer and when it's time to eat the cold silicone will help soothe those sore gums!
They offer several advantages:
• The ultra-soft silicone tip is specially designed for the transition from pacifier to spoon.
• Ultra-soft silicone so as not to irritate the gums.
• Handle developed for adult hand, so the parents can give to eat to baby.
• Handle length is adapted to all types of pots.
• Dishwasher cleanable.
• Wash before first use and after each meal. Cleanse with soapy water or in the dishwasher.
• Size: 170mm long
• Dishwasher safe
• Steam sterilize
• BPA, Lead & Phthalate free
• Long ergonomic handle designed so that parents can easily feed baby
• 100% seamless, hygienic, all silicone design
• Set of 4
• First stage spoons for babies being introduced to solids

Brand Information

The French brand Beaba was founded in 1989 to support parents at every stage of their child's development. Its goal is to constantly search for the most convenient, most innovative and most effective solutions that make life easier. The strongest point of the company are its creators - experts in their fields: designers, engineers and scientists - they try to respond to the needs of parents who expect high-quality products, but at the same time functional and easy to use. Moms all over the world love Beaba for the fact that she understands them, as well as for the modern design and fashionable, subdued colours.

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