Alive & kicking Football size 3 Animal Print

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These balls are from high-precision sewing and smooth leather edge cut to enhance the dribble kick and control. The ball in the long-term use can still maintain a good state, thanks to a rigorous manufacture procedure. To adapt to a variety of settings play show, seamless bonding technology in football, surface and tight suture line. It has a gas nozzle which is securely fitted to ensure leak-proof. The sophisticated and beautiful, high-grade effect does not fade as compared to watermark printing.

Brand Information:
Alive and Kicking leverages the lifecycle of a football to help communities all across the world grow and strengthen. Their footballs are made in such a way that they have a positive social impact on how they are made, sold, and utilized.
They give balls to children from underprivileged communities. Purchase an Alive and Kicking football today and make a difference in the world.

The balls are made in Kenya, where they help African families escape poverty by providing ethical jobs. Employees are entitled to benefits such as a fair wage, vacation and sick pay, and a pension plan, which are typically taken for granted. The company employs 99 percent locals and offers a variety of job options ranging from ball manufacture to marketing to sales and finance

Customer Reviews

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Good ball, though pricey

A good quality ball for young active football players, though a bit pricey.

Abdirazak Ibrahim
Alive & kicking football side 3

5 star


Very hardy. Great quality. Very fast and efficient delivery service.