Safety 1st

Safety 1st is the originator of the first “baby on board” sign, and it has been with us since 1984. As the brand name suggests, their first and utmost priority is the safety of our babies. The idea first originated from keeping the babies safe on the way, then the creator of the idea and the Safety 1st brand directed his attention to the overall safety of the babies. He then went ahead and created a wide range of products aiming at childproofing such as outlet covers, drawer locks, and indoor and outdoor baby gear.

Ever since the company has been creating innovative products to reassure the safety of our children. 

What categories does Safety 1st have products in?

Every parent should be able to feel reassured when their little ones start to explore their first adventures during the first stages of their baby and toddler lives. Safety being the most important of all has been the most and foremost priority of Safety 1st. The brand offers products such as gates, bed rails, night lights, and other safety items. Let your baby have a great night's sleep while your mind is also at ease. 

Gates by Safety 1st, allows your little curious one to explore safely. Easy to mount anywhere you like, Safety 1st will provide you with the comfort you need while your babies keep themselves busy with the thrill of exploration. With automatic night lights, you can add an extra layer of safety. Safety 1st night lights turn off as soon as there is light in the room and turn on when it is dark. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the Safety 1st brand?

Safety 1st offers a product range for babies and toddlers. Without specifying any certain age range, Safety 1st’s products can be used over and over again. Whether you are driving, at home, or putting your little one to sleep, Safety 1st will ensure they are always safe and sound. 

Get your hassle-free Safety 1st products from Peekaboo now and start creating a safe environment where your little one can explore and get mobile without compensating for their fun!