Made its foundations in Melbourne/Australia, Playgro has been accompanying parents in their journey for 25 years. Ever since its first steps, the brand has massively grown globally and launched in various countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Argentina, Europe, Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. 

As a select few children’s toys specialists, Playgro makes sure you are leaving your little one’s entertainment and development in their safe hands. The Australian brand is passionate about manufacturing toys that can accompany dozens of parents and their children around the world.

What categories does Playgro have products in?

Playgro has an extensive product range for different age groups. Each category aims to develop different skill sets and is designed in a bespoke manner. Playgro provides toys suitable for; Water play, large floor activities, bedtime, playtime, storytime, baby care and so much more! Their website guides parents on what stage toys to choose from as well. Each age stage category in Playgro encourages a different skill set from encouraging creativity and movement to cognitive skills. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the Playgro brand?

Playgro produces toys for babies and toddlers. Their products are categorized into different age groups of 0+,3+,6+,9+, and 12+ months. Every category is uniquely designed in its own way, 0+ months provide help with stimulatiın of your newborn’s senses. 3+ months is a discovery phase where babies are curious about the outer world and Playgro toys feature different patterns, textures, shapes, and sounds to invoke interest for their senses. 6+ months is a combination of exploration and adventures where babies are getting more mobile, therefore Playgro 6 months+ toys feature dropping, rolling, pulling, pushing, and shaking types of activities to educate little ones. 9+ months is where your babies start crawling and practicing any new movements so advanced toys that can encourage more movement, activity, and cognitive skills are offered at this stage. 12+ months is where you observe your little one’s transition into a toddler who needs imagination and more play! Playgro products at this stage help improve coordination of skills and they provide interactive plays.

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