Founded in 1979, Phidal is a children’s book publisher. Phidal offers countless children’s books that help them improve their creativity, and cognitive skills and shapes their future passions and skill sets. All of their books are designed with a lifetime mission of educating and entertaining kids in an interactive way. The brand also offers convenience for classrooms, libraries, and personal use with its bulk packages.

Start exploring Phidal’s wide range of interactive books and entertain your kid while contributing to their development along the way!

What categories does Phidal have products in?

Phidal has got you and your little ones covered in every way. Phidal does not only provide children’s books, but they also provide sticker books, story books, puzzles, and color and print books as well. Additionally, they have an activities books category where books are categorized to their function and aim such as bathtime books, learning series, tattle tales, and such. Serving many purposes at once, Phidal helps your little one to develop their cognitive skill sets, and creativity, and provides a unique way of learning by discovering the amazing worlds Phidal has in store for the little ones.

As one of the top online storybook providers, Phidal has been making every parent that crossed paths with it happy and content. Families who preferred Phidal have helped their little ones gain lifelong skills that will create the foundation for their yearning for learning new things.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Phidal brand?

You can find a variety of children’s books and puzzles from 2 to 8+ years old. Phidal embarks your little one’s growth journey from the very first moments, and it continues to teach and entertain them over the years. You can pick among the extensive products Phidal has to offer such as Disney learning books, puzzle books, bathtime books sticker books and so much more! Every collection is unique in its own way to contribute to your kid’s growth and development. 

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