Indoor & Outdoor Play Equipment

Whether indoor or outdoor, what is more fun than playing? The answer is: playing with the cool toys that Peekaboo offers. Playing is always active; children run from one toy to another, sing along to the songs that toys play, and create their own world. It is necessary for the physical, mental, and social development of children and should also be educational as they are new learners. Let’s find out how to choose good equipment at Peekaboo!

What should be considered when choosing indoor & outdoor play equipment?

Age is always a matter when choosing equipment as the needs change for children. Equipment should support children in all aspects, in accordance with their development. For example, fun balls are good for little babies as they are newly learning to hold or grasp things. This will help their motor skills. However, fun balls might not be enough for a 5-year toddler. For toddlers and children, the equipment that they are playing with should expand their imaginary world. 

Even a mask can be a toy for a child and while playing with it, the child can create his own space and make imitations. They can be Superman, a Disney princess, or whatever they want. The equipment should support them in terms of learning and also help their social development. Children learn how to create things with blocks, doll houses, or a bucket set. When they are playing with other kids, they also learn to share and communicate.

As children can walk, run or jump, the equipment should also provide security. Parents need to evaluate the design of the plaything. They should be careful about, for example, the edges of the materials. A wooden toy can be dangerous if there is a splinter, or an iron one can be heavy to carry for them. That’s why plastic, rubber, and light equipment should be preferred. You can also focus on outdoor equipment such as trampolines, slides or swings. These must be firmly grounded in order to avoid accidents.

What are the indoor & outdoor play equipment brands?

Peekaboo offers a wide range of brands related to indoor & outdoor equipment. If you are looking for something to play with at home, Simba, Zuru, Intex, or Paw Patrol are the good choices; and if to play in the garden, Zoggs, Little Tikes, Pibi, or Smoby can be the options. But remember, these brands have so many products which are both indoor & outdoor; so, there is no limit while discovering. Here is also a bonus! For parents who may be a little jealous of their kids, there are also chairs, surfboards, or balls you can enjoy with. Enjoy your visit here at Peekaboo and add what you need to your cart!