Fashion, fashion, fashion…everywhere and for everyone. It is an expression, of keeping up with the trends and feeling good. For parents, it is also a fun and important topic as there are many things related to fashion and kids’ accessories. It is a world in which a hair clip should be complemented with a necklace and bracelet or where kids can be heroes of their kingdom. Peekaboo opens its doors to this world and offers different products which even parents will also buy for themselves. Let’s dive into the category together!

What should be considered when choosing fashion?

Anything can be a part of fashion and age is a matter because the size will be changed accordingly. Let’s imagine a scenario where you are looking for shoes for a 2-year-old. The size should not be big, as the little one is trying to take their first steps, which means the shoes should be fit for the foot and cover it to prevent it from sliding away. Let’s imagine a different scenario where you are looking for a jumpsuit for a 10-year-old kid to use on cold nights. This jumpsuit should not be small as it will be tight and will affect the kid’s movement in it. 

The material is also important. Clothes should be soft and made of good fabrics which are breathable, organic and lightweight, etc. All these features affect the skin as well as moving in clothes. However, when it comes to fashion, the material does not only mean the fabric; it can also mean the plastics or metals which are used for fashion accessories. For example, when buying sunglasses, the lenses should protect the eyes, or a hair brush made of plastics should be durable enough for long-term usage and good for the hair type of the kid. 

Being fashionable is about the needs. So, when looking for cloth or accessories, the needs of children have an impact. “Where will I use it?” is the question that all parents should ask. To make this clear, here is an example: let’s talk about a school bag which has Marvel characters on it and your baby boy loves it. He will carry the bag with him everywhere he goes but this bag is not for putting toys in it. It is for books and pen cases. Or, socks and socks and the weather conditions in which you will use the socks. If you are using them for protecting children from cold weather, they should not be thin but also make children comfortable when wearing them.

What are the fashion brands?

There are many quality brands at Peekaboo which are good for kids and make them both happy and comfortable. Parents can find their answers by scrolling down and seeing different clothes and accessories of many brands like Carter’s, Rubies, Havaianas, or Toto & Mommie. All of them have different sizes in different colors and have Disney or Marvel characters on them which kids love. Fill the shopping cart and make space for all the ones you want to buy also for yourself.