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Diapering Procedure: How do you do diapering?

The first thing you’ll want to do when diapering an infant is to thoroughly wash your hands, and then prepare for the task ahead. Gathering all the necessary diapering supplies within reaching distance should be the first step in your game plan—that way, you’ll eliminate the stress of trying to grab supplies from different places around the room as you’re dealing with a squirming baby.

Once you have your supplies ready, the first step of the diapering procedure is to lay baby down on a flat surface such as a diaper changing mat. Keep one hand steady on the baby to prevent sudden movement or roll-overs—if you are inexperienced at diapering, it is a good idea to do the first few diapering attempts with both parents, or to ask a relative or other loved one for assistance.

After undressing the baby and unfastening the old diaper, you will want to fold the edges of the wet diaper inward so that the clean side faces upward, underneath the baby’s bottom. If the diaper is soiled, try to wipe off your baby’s bottom as much as possible with the diaper itself before using a wipe. To ensure a thorough clean, slightly lift your baby’s legs so you can wipe down all the crevices, going from front to back.

Once the baby’s bottom is clean, it’s time to discard the dirty diaper and replace it with a fresh one. After you’ve slipped the clean diaper underneath your baby’s bottom, go ahead and lower your baby’s legs, then fasten the diaper as per the instructions on the diaper package, and then get your baby dressed. If you need to use any sort of ointment or lotion on your baby’s bottom, it’s important to do so right after the skin has been cleaned. However, it is also important to check the instructions for the specific diapering products you are using, as some ointments should not be used when the baby is wearing diapers.

Why is diapering important?

Diapering plays an important role in taking care of your infant. When done properly and frequently, diapering helps prevent unwanted skin conditions in your baby, such as irritation and diaper rash. These conditions occur when babies’ sensitive skin remains in contact with urine and sweat for too long. If left untreated, diaper rashes can form blisters and cause soreness, making babies highly uncomfortable and fussy. In the worst cases, these rashes can become infected and lead to even greater medical complications—certainly not something you would want your precious one to experience. The good news is that, with the right diapering techniques and materials, you can avoid ever having to deal with such unpleasant circumstances.

It is important to note that diaper rashes can sometimes occur even when proper diapering procedures are followed, and this is not a cause for major alarm. With proper treatment—for instance, using diaper rash cream—most skin conditions will clear up within a few days, and your baby will be relieved of the discomfort.

What are the diapering materials?

When it comes to diapering, the two most important diapering accessories are obviously baby diapers and baby wipes, and there are a wide range of options available on the market for each, with a variety that reflects different sizes, ages, skin types, and more.

What are the diapering brands?

Peekaboo offers a great selection of diapering products that families need. Some of the diapering brands available include diapers by Pampers, Johnson’s, Molfix, and Huggies, as well as eco-friendly Neli & Co diapers made out of bamboo. There are also wet wipes from brands like Hanan, Snuggles, Dove, and more. Diaper bags range from ones with cute designs, by brands like Little Story and Sunveno, to sleek and fashionable Storksak diaper bags as well as Moon diaper backpacks. Other finds include disposable changing mats by Pixie and colorful ones from Disney. For babies who are transitioning out of diapers, there are potty chairs and stools with fun designs from Pibi, as well as potty sets and training seats from other brands like Potette, Milton, Nip, Keeeper, and Summer Infant.

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