Little Tikes

Founded in 1969, Little Tikes shortly after revolutionised the toy industry with a different mindset and approach to toys, “toys that last”. Brand adopted modernity and celebrated its 50 years in 2019. From slides, cars, to rocking toys, Little Tikes has a lot to offer for every generation. Encouraging safe and creative plays for generations, start exploring the fun world of Little Tikes now!

What categories does Little Tikes have products in?

Little Tikes is a brand manufacturing engaging and playful low-tech children’s toys for young kids and infants. Little Tikes offers a wide selection of toys for outdoor and indoor usage. Even though the brand held onto simplicity and durability, they adopted a modern approach and implemented special technology to some of their toys such as their iconic Magicook Kitchen which stove responds then a certain appliance is put on top of it. Brand provides a variety of toys from toy cars, remote control toys, swings, slides, sand and water tablets to, ride ons, role play toys to functional trailers. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the Little Tikes brand?

Little Tikes combines entertainment with creativity and addresses many different stages and ages. They offer toys for 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months for infants. For younger kids the wide selection of toys can be played by children who are 18-24 months, 24 months to 6 years and above. As a brand that offers toys for generations, Little Tikes definitely delivers what they have been promising since 1969. 

Every toy addressing different age groups provides countless benefits such as encouraging mobility, language skills, physician activities, playing, creativity and group play in addition to improving certain skills such as drawing, riding, ball playing skills, balance, reading, climbing and emotional skills. Little Tikes will take its essential place among your family and it will help develop your child’s skills over the years. 

Have a look at the Little Tikes’ incredible range of fun toys at Peekaboo and let your littles ones enjoy countless outdoor or indoor games. You and your little one will enjoy a fun that lasts generations with Little Tikes!