Parents always tend to have what is perfect for their children and when it is all about the newborns, all the details such as the cloth, material or sewing are really important because newborns are sensitive and their skin is so soft. That’s why, KikkaBoo has its place among the brands Peekaboo presents to you. The brand mainly focuses on mothers and babies and is an award winner thanks to its uniquely and well-designed products. Let’s find what KikkaBoo products we have for you at Peekaboo.

What categories does KikkaBoo have products in?

KikkaBoo has so many products aiming firstly at the comfort of newborns and babies and this aim makes the brand more specialized in stylish and quality baby goods like sleep positioners, car seats or care sets. These products are multifunctional, carefully created and fashionable. There are also electrical equipment for parents who want to keep an eye on their sleeping babies when they are over the clouds.

What age-appropriate products are available from the KikkaBoo brand?

KikkaBoo, whose first priority is the safety of babies, has various designs of sleep positioner; such as White or Beige Velvet Positioners or Anti-Rollover positioners for newborns of 0-6 months. These positioners are really important when they are sleeping because you can keep their heads up, avoid wrong sleeping positions and make them comfortable with premium cotton velvet. These positioners are of dense and hypoallergenic memory foam which takes your newborn’s shape and are easy to wash thanks to their removable cover. In KikkaBoo’s options, you can find perfect car seats which keeps your baby safe while you are driving. These seats are very similar with the positioners in terms of the details and they have safety belt openings as an additional luxury.  

Parents can also find different KikkaBoo products for themselves. For example, when you are in the living room and want to know what is happening in the other room, you can get one of the Baby Video Monitors to check your newborn. These monitors have many features like temperature control, night vision or LCL display. These features create an environment in which your loved one is safe. 

We also recommend parents to check the bags, comb and brush sets and bedding sets because we ensure that these are definitely what you are looking for.