As Peekaboo family, before introducing you to Jansport, we want to have a moment or two to explain to you what a bag is. Seen in the brand’s motto, a bag is your world. It is not just something you put your daily items in; instead, a bag should be useful and make it comfortable for you while carrying it. That’s why we have included Jansport among our brands, a world-famous brand of different kinds of bags.  If you are ready, let’s start without a moment's delay!

What categories does Jansport have products in?

If you are thinking about a bag when you hear the word ‘’school’’, you should directly navigate your mouse to the School Supplies and drag the slider for the brightness of your device to look for the best Jansport product for your kid. In this category, you will have several bags which you will probably want to buy one also for yourself because these bags are so cool, fashionable and good for everyday life.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Jansport brand?

We all know that when it is about bags, Jansport takes its place near the top. Because it manufactures various bags perfect for the kids and if you are like those people who think ‘’buy one and use it for a long time’’, these bags will definitely be your thing. Jansport cares about its customers and their comfort. It has good quality bags made out of good quality fabric. These bags are durable and we know that you will buy one, use it and pass it down to your children without any defects. For example, you will have one to put your baby’s diapers, toys or other stuff that you found at Peekaboo and when your kid is grown enough to carry it by him/herself, they will have the bag-legacy.

We encourage you to check the bags of different sizes and patterns. But before this, we want you to think about what kind of a bag you would buy from Peekaboo for your kid because we are offering so much and Jansport has a big world for bags.