Do your kids believe in fairytales or do they want to be one of those pixies diving into the magical world under the water? If so, here is a perfect brand for the ones who love being in the water. INTEX has a diversified amount of products for kids of different ages and also for the parents. These products are so fun that your garden will definitely become a giant aquapark.

What categories does INTEX have products in?

INTEX products have their place among the best ones when it comes to playing with equipment and toys. The brand’s products can be used both in outdoor and indoor areas. If you need guidance to find what is best for your kids, we can walk with you between the different stepping stones under the Toys category. There are so many options like frame pools, chairs, playhouses or electrical equipment. So, be sure that one of the INTEX’s products will steal your heart and have a place in the backyard.

What age-appropriate products are available from the INTEX brand?

As INTEX’s products specialized in toys fit for the watery activities, the brand considers the age of the customers because it values the imagination of its customers. For example, if your kid wants to swim with a unicorn or with a big whale, don’t worry! It is possible with the inflatable toys of INTEX. Do you want to go further and expand your imagination? Here are the choices: big floating French Fries, Pineapple Pool Set or Happy Animal Chair. 

Also, we can easily tell you that as parents, you should not be sad because the brand cares about you and the time you spend with your children. There are products for the parents like Mode Chair Adult or Explorer Boat which you can share with your children. And here is the good news: there is no need to be worried about how to fill the products with air. Before sailing in the pool, you just need one of INTEX’s electrical pumps. Again, no worries! There are also repair patches which you can use to close the holes and ripped places on the plastic items.

We believe that it is now the time for you to dive into the deepest part of Peekaboo to find the best INTEX product that will make you and your kids happy. And if you think that you cannot find one, remember you have an INTEX Shark Fun Mask and snorkel with you!